Alana Tomlin


Who is Alana Tomlin?

I'm a gal who's purpose on this tiny planet is to create art as it makes me genuinely happy. I'm currently located in Newcastle, Australia and I love tattoos, anime, horror movies, ramen, cats, music and drag queens. Charizard and Meowth are still my favourite Pokémon. Wonder Woman is my favourite super hero. I once killed a red dragon in DnD. I was born with three arms. Not really. But it would be cool if I did because I could potentially pat more animals. I think aliens are real. I like bad jokes. And did I mention that I like drawing? I really, really love drawing.

What Work has Alana Tomlin Done?

I have worked on a number of projects which include apparel design, posters, album art, game character design, animation, in store paintings, comic book art, trading card design and company branding. I have gotten to work with a range of clients including Glue Store and the University of Newcastle. My work has appeared in a number of exhibitions including a solo show called "Memento Mori," along with a couple book publications.

The more art I get to make, the better! Illustration based work is what I love doing so if you would like a bold design, get in contact with me and lets make something rad!

Artwork & Content Copyright © Alana Tomlin 2020.

Stealing my work will result in Satan dragging you to Hell. So don't do it. Xoxox

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